How Technology Is Helping In Preventing Child Abduction

How Technology Is Helping In Preventing Child Abduction

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Posted 2022-11-07 by Becfollow
n-disguise is a local startup which has developed a device to keep kids safer.

Almost 2300 children are reported to be missing in the United States every day! The newspaper and media reports about child kidnappings and abductions imply that child safety is one of the major concerns of parents in today's world.

Any crime against children is agonizing! However, facts denote that almost all of the children abducted now make it to their homes safely. The recovery rate of missing children rose to 97% in 2011 from 62% in 1990. Technological advancements have a huge role to play in the prevention of child abductions and recovery. The use of devices such as GPS-enabled trackers, safety alarms, smartphones, etc., not only enables parents to ensure that their child is safe but also helps law enforcement officials solve stranger kidnapping cases.

N-DISGUISE , a startup based out of San Jose, California, has developed a groundbreaking child safety device that works on internet communication technology to help prevent kidnappings and child abduction. The device is an all-in-one child safety gear disguised as a headband and head wearables. Based on LTE and 5G networks, it consists of a camera that allows parents to live stream the child's surroundings on their mobile phones.

The remarkable feature of N-Disguise is its tiny yet powerful components that are cleverly concealed in the headband and can't be discerned by the naked eye. This enables images and videos to be obtained with maximum surveillance along with one-way audio for conversations; everything is stored in the cloud for future use. The GPS tracking in real-time allows the parents to monitor where their little ones go.

"It's our passion to keep children safe and give parents peace of mind. We intend to disrupt the way predators see children's vulnerability," say Jordan and Jaedynn, who are the creators of N-Disguise. Currently, N-Disguise is past the prototype and proof-of-concept phase and is seeking funding for the launch.

Head over to the website to learn more.

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